Business Plan Writing

Service Provider: Bizco Business Consulting

Duration: 5 Days [Monday – Friday] | Cost: R6500.00 p/person

This valuable 5 Day course will give you insight into the business plan writing process.  It also allows you to use a step-by-step methodology to prepare your own business plan in conjunction with our highly experienced business consultants over a 5 Day period.  Opportunity also exists to consult with us after the completion of the 5 Days to iron out other finer details, which might not have been covered for your specific plan.  If you are a business owner or looking into going into business for yourself then this is not a program to be missed.

Course Details:

What is a Business Plan?

  • What is the purpose of a business plan and what are its various applications.

When is the right time to develop a business plan?

  • Exploring situations and circumstances that necessitate the compilation of a business plan.

Creating an understanding of your business / vision

  • How to concretize your ideals with your business / your vision in realistic terms prior to engaging in the development of the business plan

Developing a business plan

  • Formulating the basic business concept and background
  • Defining your vision and objectives
  • Developing the envisaged business profile
  • What services / products will you offer
  • What is the distinguishing factors in your envisaged mode of delivery
  • Understanding your market / industry
  • What are the emerging economic trends at macro and micro level
  • Who are your main competitors
  • What will be your competitive advantage
  • What are the keys to your success and how do you harness these
  • Developing a feasible operational plan
  • What are the logical steps to success?
  • How realistic growth will be achieved
  • Scenario planning – dealing with the unknown
  • Mapping the envisaged growth of your business in terms of realistic timelines and goals
  • Identifying the resources that you would require to meet the envisaged growth and development plan
  • Developing your marketing strategy
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation process – mindset to anticipate change
  • The people – management responsibilities – who will you employ or what services will you outsource
  • Financial planning and projections – quantifiable and accurate costing of your operational plan and the investor input that you will require
  • Presenting acceptable terms for return on investment

Identifying possible sources of venture capital

  • Assessing the possible amenability of sectors with the finance industry

Presenting your business plan with confidence and conviction

  • How to prepare and what to avoid during presentations of your business plan

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