Top paying jobs in 2019

Top 10 Paying Jobs in 2019

For most of us our career prospects starts with knowing what makes us happy in life, or what we can do best.

Then there is the question of earning what you are worth… Most people do not earn what they are worth and some are just happy to be earning something because it is a job and an employer is willing to pay for it.  Your education or training (and experience) will dictate what you earn and making the correct choices from the start can go a long way towards your eventual employment prospects and happiness in life.  For those who are serious about career and life choices, is it important to know what kind of work you want to do, and even more importantly, what you want to earn.

This is our list of Top 15 paying Jobs for 2019.

01. Financial Management

02. Structural Engineering

03. Plant Management

04. Civil Engineering

05. Corporate Lending

06. Information Systems / IT Management

07. Mechanical Engineering

08. Financial / Business Analysis

09. Industrial Engineering

10. Marketing Management

11. Technical and Business Architecture

12. Electronic Engineering

13. Building Foreman

14. Chartered Accounting

15. Software Development

Professional CV Zone, CV Zone, PCVZone, Professional CV, Professional CV Writers, Professional CV Writers Pretoria, Professional CV Writers JohannesburgIt must be noted that while these are the top paying jobs according to recent market research, are these not the top in demand vacancies.

As was the trend for 2018 are Software Developers, Financial Accountants, Project Accountants and Financial Managers the most sought-after skills in the country.  Software Developers will remain in high demand in the South African job market, particularly those professionals with C# and Java skills.  Middle Management and Departmental Managers are always in high demand. Financial Management remained at the forefront of skills demand.

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