Return Policy

When placing an order for a CV make-over, you are required to provide

  • truthful information at all times,
  • full details of your present and past working experience,
  • all completed qualifications on an existing CV (preferably in MS Word format),
  • any professional skills you may have.

A Curriculum Vitae or commonly referred to as a CV is a document which deals with cold hard facts. We do not write elaborate stories or try to make a CV look like an autobiography. We are not going to try and make you look like Harry Potter or an Astronaut when you have worked as an Administrative Clerk for the past 30 years.  We are not going to stretch the truth or exaggerate any special skills, qualifications or experience.  That would be lying and lying on a CV in South Africa is now a punishable offence…

We have been preparing CV’s for local and international career seekers in lower, middle and upper management in all professions you can possibly think of since the year 2000, and we do admit that we have made the odd mistake here and there.  We are humans and not machines. 

We have however to date prepared in excess of 43,000 CV’s and have had exactly 5 complaints in all that time. So without wanting to sound arrogant or derogatory to those candidates was it mostly from candidates who had nothing “wow” in their CV to wow prospective employers with in the first place.  This is unfortunately not something Professional CV Zone can or will ever take responsibility for.

We always make every effort to add value to your CV with the information provided, in the areas where we feel your original CV is lacking, whether it is rewording, structure or simply an outdated format used.  Sometimes we will even use information from your existing CV without having to reword anything as it makes perfect sense. 

During the CV writing process

  • We will provide you with a draft document.  This generally happens within 3 business days from the date you made payment (sometimes a bit longer).  The draft will be a temporary document and contain areas highlighted in yellow which needs to be answered by you.  You are required to make changes to the document or answer questions where indicated in yellow, save your changes and send back to us for completion.
  • We will reword text where required, check the spelling, grammar, punctuation and accuracy of all information.  If we made a mistake please point it out and we will gladly rectify it…

Refund Requests

If it should ever happen that you are not 100% satisfied with your order, you can request us to further reword your information or use another template, up to 30 days from the date your payment was received, in order to market your experience, skills and qualifications better for the salary you are asking from the prospective employer.  If you are still not happy after we have reworded or reformatted your new CV, you may request a refund within 30 days from the date your payment was received.

A refund will not be processed under the following situations

  • You refuse to provide or cannot provide proper information.
  • A refund request is received for whatever reason later than 30 days from the date your payment was received,
  • You did not request a review of the draft we provided within 30 days from the date your payment was received,
  • You did not request any changes to the draft we provided within 30 days from the date your payment was received,
  • You discover a mistake or information was omitted in the draft we provided, later than 30 days from the date your payment was received,
  • Simply want a refund because you managed to get a job or did not land a job you wanted… We do not have any control over your ability to land an interview or a job,
  • You want to try and convince us that you did not use the CV… The document is sent to you in an editable electronic format and we do not have any control over what you do with it once we have sent it to you.

A refund will only be processed provided we

  • have not added value to your original CV,
  • have not added missing sections / headings,
  • have not asked relevant questions to missing information in your original CV,
  • have received the refund request within 30 days from the date your payment was received.

Please note

  • during the refund process do we remove your CV and personal information from our CV database which is made available to Recruiters, Human Resources Consultants and any Human Resources Managers in agencies and companies we deal with on a daily basis since our inception.
  • An Administrative fee of R259.00 and/or R259.00 for the use of our CV Template and/or R159.00 for our Cover Letter Template will be deducted from the amount paid to Professional CV Zone.  The balance of payment may be refunded if you are still not happy with the service received.
  • The merits of a refund request will be assessed and the final amount refunded is at the discretion of Professional CV Zone Management.

Please feel free to contact us on ☏ 067 351 3860 or ✉ and we will happily respond to you as soon as we can during our normal business hours.