Fraudulent CV

Common lies on a CV which could soon land you in big trouble

The introduction of proposed new laws in South Africa could see qualification fraud be made into a punishable offence. The National Qualifications Amendment Bill, waiting to be signed off by President Cyril Ramaphosa, aims to create grounds for punishment for individuals who fabricate their qualifications, and possible jail time of up to 5 years.  The bill will also hold institutions accountable if found to be misrepresenting qualifications or issuing unregistered qualifications. Organisations are welcoming the introduction of the bill as this proposed policy is immeasurable as the standardisation of CV verification will ensure accuracy and no room for deviation, in both the public and private sectors.  Verified qualifications will be treated with respect and South African Universities will retain their position in the global rankings. Qualification fraud is the most prevalent type of misrepresentation on CV’s such as: Non-existent matriculation certificates Inflated education Unfinished degrees Fake degree certificates Background screening assists employers with confronting fake employment certificates, incorrect past roles and responsibilities, inflated job titles, undisclosed criminal records and inflated salaries, although many of them are not aware of these transgressions. Screening is a highly useful pre-employment step every organisation should employ in its recruitment plan and technology is widely available to assist with the background screening of new/potential employees which companies should make use. For assistance with drafting your CV in the correct format please feel free to contact us on 086 123 7775 or reach out on

Professional CV Writing

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The underestimated value of a Professional CV

Do you have a proper plan and the necessary tools in place to secure a lucrative position in the market place? Are your qualifications any good when you do not have a proper curriculum vitae to sell yourself with? This is astonishing… but people spend thousand’s and thousand’s, year in and year out, on their own education, and even more staggering is the fact that they hardly ever take the time to consider that a little bit of money invested in a Professional CV or Resumé is worth just as much, and probably even more than that sought after and hard worked for qualification. We always ask ourselves, what good are all those qualifications when you do not have a proper document to sell your qualifications with? Are your qualifications on it’s own worth anything when you do not have a Professional CV or Resumé to use to sell yourself to a prospective employer? Let’s face it ladies and gentleman, if you are not going to go out there and sell yourself, you are not going to get that job. You need a tool to sell yourself! Have your CV or Resumé Professionally done today to assist you in marketing those valuable skills! You also need a properly drafted Cover Letter to accompany your CV or Resumé… If you do not have the necessary skills or ability or proper equipment to compile your own CV or Resumé, then contact us immediately and have a Professional assist you in having your document Professionally drafted. You get only one chance at applying for a position you might have in mind… We look forward to helping you. Do not mess it up. Contact us today and ” Secure that job ! “